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Neighborhood Association Benefits

Why Form a Neighborhood Association?

Neighborhood associations are a vital part of creating and maintaining a livable community in Georgetown. They are a valuable tool in helping bring residents together to preserve and enhance the livability of a neighborhood. Associations provide a forum for discussing local and citywide issues, and they often plan activities and projects that are beneficial to the area. Neighborhood associations can also help maintain neighborhood standards through code enforcement and help residents stay informed on city policies and procedures.

Some advantages to neighborhood associations include:

  • Building relationships among neighbors.
  • Creating a unified voice (a collective voice is a¬†stronger¬†voice).
  • Providing an effective communication link with the City of Georgetown.
  • Strengthening communication within the neighborhood.
  • Resolving neighborhood issues together.
  • Creating a sense of community among residents.
  • Keeping informed of news that affects the neighborhood.
  • Increasing awareness of decisions that impact the neighborhood.

If your neighborhood has an association, you can register for land use change notification by clicking the image below.