Georgetown Housing Program

Community Development Block Grants

Williamson County was awarded Entitlement County status by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in August 2003. Williamson County applied for and received funding through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. The funds are intended to primarily benefit low- to moderate-income persons in Williamson County. This area is comprised of the unincorporated part of the County and the incorporated cities that have joined the urban County designation. These cities include Cedar Park, Georgetown, Jarrell, Leander, Liberty Hill, Taylor and Weir.

The City of Georgetown is currently a participating city within the Williamson County Community Development Block Grant Consolidated Plan. As a participating city, Georgetown submits applications to receive an allocation of the funds granted the County by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The county first became eligible to receive funding in 2005. To date Georgetown has received the allocations listed below:

  • 2005: $85,000 Drainage and street infrastructure improvements by Old Mill Village
  • 2006: $50,000 Phase I of the Leander Street Project
  • 2007: $250,000 Phase II of the Leander Street Project
  • 2008: $179,595 for drainage and sidewalk improvements along 22nd Street between Leander Street and Railroad Avenue.
  • 2008: $120,000 for sidewalks along the north side of FM1460 from Austin Avenue to Quail Valley Road.
  •             $64,590 for sidewalk installation along Scenic Drive from State Highway 29 south to 17th Street.
  • 2009: $392,370 for sidewalk construction for sections of  Scenic Drive, Holly Street, Maple Street and 18th                Street.
  • 2011:  $69,180 for sidewalk installation by the Madella Hillard Center and 8th Street.
  • 2012:  $78,900 for sidewalk installation along the south side of University Avenue completing gaps between I-35 and Austin Avenue.
  • 2013: $79,400 for a wastewater line for Georgetown Project’s NEST Homeless Teen Center
  •             $38,000 for engineering for sidewalks along MLK/3rd and 2nd Street
  • 2014: $160,000 for construction of a sidewalk along the south side of E. 2nd Street from Austin Avenue to College Street
  • 2015: $87,120 for construction of a sidewalk along MLK/3rd Street from Scenic to Austin
  • 2016: $135,500 for engineering and construction of a sidewalk along Scenic Drive to connect University Ave and 6th Street.
  • 2018: $206,824 for engineering and construction of a sidewalk along 17th St to connect Forest and Railroad Street.
  • 2019: $75,000 for the Home Repair program.

For more information on applying for grant funding through this program, please visit the Williamson County Grants site.

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