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Home Repair Program


The City of Georgetown Home Repair Program has been established to provide home repairs to homeowners who are residents of the City of Georgetown and have limited resources. Funding is supplied by the City for eligible projects and applicants.

  • Residents of the City of Georgetown (must live within the city limits) are to fill out an application and to be interviewed by the City of Georgetown for eligibility.
    • Income eligibility is defined as low-income households at 60% of the Area Median Income (see income limits below). A household is defined as anyone that resides in the house. Household income is the total income of everyone in the household that is 18 years or older. Proof of income must be submitted.
    • The home on the application must be owner occupied (person who lives there owns the home) and the applicant must be the homeowner(s). Property taxes must not be outstanding on the property, or the owner must be enrolled in a program with the Tax Assessor office. Additionally, a minimum of two years of ownership and occupancy of the home must be maintained for the house to be eligible. Proof of identification, ownership and payment of property taxes must be submitted.
    • For repairs of less than $10,000 in value: The applicant must be willing to agree to reimburse the City for cost expended on their behalf if they place their house on the market within two years of the date repairs are initiated.
  • For repairs of $10,000 or more, the applicant will have lien placed against the property for the value of the repairs over $10,000. A lien is a charge that is recorded with the Williamson County Clerk’s office and is associated with the title to the property. When the house is sold, or the deed transferred, the amount charged will be owed to the City.
  • Once the City reviews and approves the initial application, staff will inspect the home to determine a list of repair priorities. With this list, the applicant will solicit three (3) bids for the requested work and submit them to the City.
  • If the estimates are $10,000 or more, the application will be forwarded to the Housing Advisory Board for review and will determine approval or denial of repairs.
    • In the review, the Board will examine current building and property maintenance violations, the potential costs that would result from code enforcement, legal action associated with eviction and demolition versus the cost of repairs.
  • For estimates less than $10,000, City staff will review the project costs and determine if repairs can be funded.
  • Some repairs may be conducted by volunteer contractors and workers authorized by the Home Repair Program, as available.
  • The City will send a letter to the applicant either approving or denying the project. Once the homeowner agrees to the approved repairs, the City will contact the selected contractor.
  • The City will contract with the lowest acceptable bidder for the work.
  • Once completed, the contractor will submit to the City itemized invoices for all completed work. The City will then pay the invoice directly to the contractor.
  • City permits shall be obtained for all projects that require permitting. Permit fees for approved projects shall be waived.
  • The City will take pictures of the property prior to work, as well as upon completion.
Income Limits
Number of Persons in Household Annual Income before taxes (60% AMI) Monthly Income Limit before taxes
1 $31,680 $2,640
2 $36,180 $3,015
3 $40,725 $3,394
4 $45,225 $3,769
5 $48,855 $4,071
6 $52,455 $4,371
7 $56,100 $4,675
8 $59,700 $4,975

*Household income is the total income of everyone in the household that is 18 years or older. Proof of income must be submitted for all occupants.